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Windows Store Service Crack (WSService Crk) 1.4.2 [En]

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ValerBOSS ®
Стаж: 5 лет 11 мес.
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Ratio: 4,853
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Windows Store Service Crack (WSService Crk) 1.4.2 [En]
Название программы: Windows Store Service Crack (WSService Crk)
Версия программы: 1.4.2
Последняя Версия программы: 1.4.2
Адрес официального сайта: forums.mydigitallife.info
Автор: kost
Язык интерфейса: Английский

Лечение: не требуется
Системные требования:

  • OC Windows 8, Windows Server 2012
  • Процессор: 1 гигагерц (ГГц) или выше
  • ОЗУ: 1 гигабайт (ГБ) для 32-разрядной версии или 2 ГБ для 64-разрядной версии.
  • Свободное место на жестком диске: 15 МБ
  • Графический адаптер: графическое устройство Microsoft DirectX 9 с драйвером WDDM.
  • Чтобы получить доступ к Магазину Windows для загрузки и запуска приложений, требуется активное подключение к Интернету и разрешение экрана не менее 1024 x 768 пикселей.

WSService_Crk - это решение для:
1) распространения приложений ModernUI без WinStore с полной лицензией (full license)
2) сайдлодинга (sideloading) приложений не подписанных microsoft (с возможностью их перепаковывания/модифицирования)
1) и 2) работает под любой редакцией Windows 8 или Server 2012.

Исходный код, документация, инструменты и примеры включены. В числе инструментов присутствует программа Tokens Extraсtor, с её помощью можно взламывать платные приложения, доступные для скачивания на пробный период.

Внимание! Данная утилита не работает под Windows 8.1 и Windows Server 2012 R2!
Q: What is the best way of using this crack ?
A: Prepare redistributables. Do not rely too much on windows store. When you go cracked way for an app - do not turn back. Do not mix using crack and using winstore for an app. Or sometimes your app can go "X" state in result of license sync, winstore will deny updates and so on.
Consider preparing special virtual machine with clean liveid for getting APPXes.
If Microsoft has no record you have ever installed the app on your computer - you will not get "X".

Q: I can't download APPX. I see "access denied" message.
A: Downloads available for the short period of time. Start downloading as soon as winstore client started downloading. You can cancel winstore download immediately after it was actually started.

Q: I have a cracked app on my machine and want update. Winstore download fail with error.
A: See release/info/storewuauth.txt.
In short - you must uninstall your cracked license and delete storewuauth cache file.
Download is possible only with valid microsoft signed license.
After you have updated - apply cracked license again.

Q: Trial has expired. How can I still get the app ?
A: It's possible to reset all trials and move to clean liveid. Read release/info/MachineID.txt.
Another option - use VM with different liveid. This way you keep your liveid on production machine.

Q: Is it possible to get app with only "Buy" option ?
A: No. Someone have to buy it, prepare redistributable and share with others. It's like ripping blueray. Someone has to buy the disc.

Q: I'm preparing redistributable. How do I know what dependencies are required ?
A: Generally, there'are only 3 options. WinJS, VCL x86, VCL x64. See powershell error message to know what it wants.
Or unzip AppxManifest.xml from .appx file. Look there for <Dependencies> tag.
<PackageDependency Name="Microsoft.VCLibs.110.00" MinVersion="11.0.50727.1" />
Deps can be found in release/appx_deps folder.
Microsoft will release updates for WinJS/VCL. If you need latest version - it can be found in latest SDK. SDK can be downloaded from download.microsoft.com.

FAQ about the future of this.

Q: Is microsoft aware ?
A: Yes

Q: Will it fix it ?
A: Yes

Q: Can it be cracked again ?
A: No doubt. Microsoft cant create anything uncrackable. They know it.

Q: Will you crack it again ?
A: No. I decided not to waste my time on this.
Cracking has always been and always will be endless fight.
We crack it - they will fix.
Also I believe my message to MS and community was delivered.
Not everybody will silently eat their shit they try to put in our mouth.
Dont put too much control inside corporation's hands. They can be dirty. And once can turn against you.

Q: When microsoft fixes it, what's benefit from your source code ?
A: My source code is result of platform research.
It has valuable information for ppl who will want to continue hacking winrt platform - both on desktop and tablets.
Not only for turning trials to full, but for LEGAL purposes - such as uncapping platform for running unsigned and sideloaded code - JAILBREAKING.
If you buy a device you should be able to control what you have bought. Despite of what microsoft/apple ... think about that. I believe another jail/modernbreaks await us. Its unavoidable.

First release


[install procedure]
Added restart of all services in the group "LocalServiceAndNoImpersonation".
It is required to restart svchost.exe because svchost read service list from the registry only once
at the start of the first service in the group.
Without this measure installer gives error on clean systems.

Digital signature checking bypass in WSServiceCrk.
Added WinStoreInterceptor - first release.

Some dangerous bugs in api hooking - could lead to crash.
Change to wsservice.dll appearance checking algorithm.
Installer automatically disables some critical scheduled tasks :
schtasks /change /disable /TN "\Microsoft\Windows\WS\License Validation"
schtasks /change /disable /TN "\Microsoft\Windows\WS\WSRefreshBannedAppsListTask"

Apps loading process reimagined. WinStoreInterceptor removed as obsolete.
Added wsll - Windows Store License Loader.
Added xmlsign - a tool for bogus-signing licenses.
WSServiceCrk unattended installation options : "inst","uninst".

Installer rewritten without MFC. EXE size reduced from 4 Mb to 200 kb.
Installer now checks version of installed wsservice_crk.dll.
Installation of older versions is blocked.
Added license uninstallation to wsll.
New tool for analyzing tokens.dat - TokenExtractor.

TokenExtractor can now avoid crap in tokens.dat - it will not fall with error.
Crap is actually remnants of uninstalled licenses - WSService does not zero file area occupied by license xml.
TokenExtractor can now save original licenses. You can backup them, reinstall windows, deploy appx and wsll license.
No WSServiceCrk is required since license has valid microsoft signature.

In some cases BCryptVerifySignature returns STATUS_INVALID_PARAMETER. I dont know why - may be something about crypto math.
Added easy to use function in TokenExtractor "CrackIt".
TokenExtractor now shows license type in the list.
WSServiceCrk 32 bit installer now refuses to run on x64 systems.

Updated docs for downloading of appx from windows store. Fiddler is not needed anymore.
Appx URL grabbing and appx downloading added to TokenExtractor.
TokenExtractor can now install license from a file.

Wsll and TokenExtractor(CrackIt) now try installing test license first in
order not to screw existing license if something is not working (for example
WSServiceCrk is not running or not functional).
Added license uninstallation to TokenExtractor.
Added "Refresh" button to TokenExtractor.
Added noob's readme.

WSServiceCrk : secure modification of import pointers.
Added ProductPolicyEditor. It can be used to enable sideloading on any
edition of Windows 8,

Updated winjs.appx dependency.
Updated ProductPolicyEditor to 1.0.3 (some serious bugs were there).
Token extractor : added cleanup of winstore error 0x8024600e. Added problem description : info/StoreWUAuth.txt.

TokenExtractor : license list retrieval now uses WSClient API and shows really installed licenses as seen by WSService.
Tokens.dat bruteforce option left as button.
wsll : added "-l" option (Show license list).

TokenExtractor : fixed minor error in license parsing. Some licenses are
stored with unknown binary prefix. It must be skipped.

TokenExtractor & wsll : added UTF-8 conversion of licenses XMLs coming from
WS client API.
wsll : new options : -u (uninstall license), -n (do not perform bogus license test).

Breaking WARBIRD code made it possible to enable sideloading on any edition of windows without disabling sppsvc and using ProductPolicyEditor.

Some code refactorings :
Warbird error handling rewritten with exceptions. Tons of ifs gone. Code is easily readable.
Hooking/unhooking API in wsservice_crk uses defines. Repeating code fragments gone.
Verbose DbgLogging : hexdumping of NtSetSystemInformation(134) and stringdumping of BCryptHashData.
Added warbird query format description and sample captures.

Further wsservice code optimization.
Fixed importang bug in warbird code. Bug could result in invalid encryption/decryption.
Warbird code : added support for comfortable artificial calling of NtSetSystemInformation(134).
More precise info about warbird PolicyValueQuery chunk format.
Fixed anchoring of some buttons in TokenExtractor.
TokenExtractor : added text search capability.

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Это я смогу теперь юзать платные приложения в магазине на халяву ?
Стаж: 5 лет
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Ура! И Джейлбрейк на Windows 8 x32-x64 не будет нужен!
Стаж: 5 лет 2 мес.
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Жалко, что прога только под 8-ку.
ValerBOSS ®
Стаж: 5 лет 11 мес.
Сообщений: 100
Ratio: 4,853
Поблагодарили: 2571
TUMIK, вернее было бы сказать большинство - те, которые доступны для пробного скачивания.
Ale945, в смысле? Windows Store, насколько мне известно, только в Windows 8.
Стаж: 5 лет 2 мес.
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Ratio: 24,025
В смысле запуска бесплатного запуска платных прог на 7-ке.
Стаж: 7 лет 9 мес.
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А вообще есть ли примеры ModernUI-приложений вне Windows Store?

Стаж: 4 года 11 мес.
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Кто-нибудь пробовал на windows 8.1?
Стаж: 4 года 4 мес.
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Vityoks писал(а): Перейти к сообщению
Кто-нибудь пробовал на windows 8.1?

Не запускается.
Стаж: 4 года 7 мес.
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Как на 8.1 запустить?
ValerBOSS ®
Стаж: 5 лет 11 мес.
Сообщений: 100
Ratio: 4,853
Поблагодарили: 2571
Под Windows 8.1 Preview данная утилита не работает. Судя по всему, microsoft таки заделали "дырки" в защите Магазина, которыми пользовался этот кряк.
Посмотрим, конечно, что будет с финальной версией, но я думаю, что всё остается так же.
Изучать проблему я пока не могу, и вряд ли вообще буду ибо сам в этом деле мало разбираюсь. Возможно, на англоязычных ресурсах что-нибудь придумают.
В любом случае, на Windows 8 этот кряк пока работает, да и 8.1 еще пока в стадии Preview, так что не все так уж и плохо.

Хотя нет, плохо...
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Ratio: 1,523
Проверено - на windows 8.1 не работает! нашёл на другом ресурсе с дополнительным софтом. Служба запускается и драйвер инсталлится, но TokenExtractor тупо не запускается! Эх, печаль! Таки дыру заделали, и в финальном релизе она так и осталась? порекомендуйте канкую-нибудь ещё софтину подобного плана?!

1) AMD Phenom II x4-955BE/ASUS M5A88-M/8GB DDR3/SSD 120GB+HDD 1TB+160GB/ASUS GTX950/19" Viewsonic/Windows 10 Pro Insider Preview RS3 16199.1000 x64/15MB/s FTTx LAN

2) ASUS K501UXM (Intel Core i5-6200U/8GB DDR4/240GB SSD M.2+1TB SATA3/GTX950M+Intel HD 520/15,6"/Windows 10 Pro Insider Preview RS3 16199.1000 x64/15MB/s FTTx LAN WiFi
Стаж: 6 лет 3 мес.
Сообщений: 1
Ratio: 10,148
Вот способ взлома на Windows 8.1, правда надо разобраться как его сделать
ValerBOSS ®
Стаж: 5 лет 11 мес.
Сообщений: 100
Ratio: 4,853
Поблагодарили: 2571
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Очень интересно, может быть, займусь изучением, спасибо!
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